The Scoop: People deal with relationships in nearly every aspect of their lives, whether they’re romantic, business, or personal. Life, Career, and Business Coach Sile Walsh helps clients find a better balance in those relationships by focusing on themselves first. She works with men and women from around the world in person in Ireland and online, and she teaches them how to attract the right types of people into their lives. Whether someone is single or in a committed partnership, Sile’s coaching sessions allow them to work on projecting their best selves in every relationship.

Couples experiencing relationship struggles often question if — and when — they should seek outside help. Many professionals, including Life, Career, and Business Coach Sile Walsh, often advise couples to get help early on. However, Sile said she also believes that problems can predate relationships.

Issues can be intrapersonal and can reflect how you’ve learned to deal with other people throughout your life. Sile said. If you’ve experienced difficulty with bosses, coworkers, friends, or previous dates, you may bring those anxieties and expectations into their other relationships.

Relationship coaching is as much about how you relate to yourself as it is about how you relate to others, and individual expectations often play a significant role in issues with a partner. That’s why Sile recommends relationship coaching, even for singles.

“Many times, people are looking for a certain person, but they may not be developing themselves to be the right person for the one they want,” Sile said in a video on her YouTube channel. “That’s a good reason to take part in coaching before starting a relationship.”

According to Sile, the more you understand what you seek in a relationship, the easier it is to find someone who meets your expectations. That’s why she helps clients look at themselves first.

“If you don’t understand how you relate to others, how you impact them, and how you create bonds and connections, it’s hard to embrace any new experience,” she said. “And when you’re in a relationship, it is also wise to continue with relationship counseling.”

Relationship coaching can give couples a better chance of succeeding by dealing with small issues regularly so they don’t lead to more substantial disputes. Another significant aspect of continuous coaching is self-care.

“When you are working on yourself and maintaining a level of wellness, you’re making better decisions,” Sile said. “And better decisions result in better outcomes, and that benefits everybody.”

Clear, Focused Coaching Shows People How to Move Forward

Sile specializes in coaching psychology, a practice aimed at enhancing performance and well-being through a proven psychological approach. She works inp erson with clients in Ireland at her offices in Cork and Dublin and offers online sessions via Skype, WhatsApp, and Zoom.

Her mission is to help people be the best they can be, and many seek her coaching because they understand that it’s not an easy thing to do on their own.

“People are doing their best, but if what they’re doing isn’t working out for them, they may need some help. I think it’s important to support them in developing new methods,” Sile told us.

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Sile uses her accountability approach to show people how to take responsibility.

Sile refers to her approach as “compassionate accountability” and uses it with both her life and business coaching clients.

“If we take responsibility for what we’re doing, in a compassionate way, we can have more of the experiences we value,” she said.

Coaching can lead people to feel better about themselves and be more in control of their lives. Sile’s clients often report increased confidence, more happiness, and improved well-being. Clients have told Sile they feel more at ease in their professional and personal lives, and achieve greater motivation and focus.

In addition to relationship, life, and career coaching, Sile offers personal leadership and business management coaching. She also has programs for those recovering from addiction or mental health issues.

Before working with clients, Sile offers a free consultation so they can see if her methods will work for them.

Books Can Teach You What a Healthy Relationship Looks Like

Sometimes, Sile’s clients have a lot of good things going for them, but they need a little extra help. She wants to empower them with the tools they need to maintain positive changes.

“My clients usually come for one of two things: They’re doing well but want to go further, or they feel stuck and are ready to change but don’t know how,” she said.

Photo of Sile Walsh with one of her books

Sile wants readers to revisit her books for strategies to improve relationships.

Some clients begin the process of working with Sile by reading her books. Her first book, “Codependency: An Authentic Journey,” is filled with skills that she has cultivated through her own struggle with co-dependency. The book outlines many strategies Sile uses in her day-to-day practice. The book aims to help people understand their codependent habits, so they can develop deeper and more meaningful relationships.

However, it’s not a book that’s meant to be read once and put on the shelf. Instead, Sile encourages her clients to reflect on it periodically. The book is filled with exercises to help you think about how you show up in your relationships.

Sile’s second book is titled “Self-Care: An Authentic Journey,” and she wrote it to show people how to create the foundation they need to thrive in life. The book includes many exercises to help readers who feel overwhelmed and exhausted with the world around them.

“It is not just a one-time read, but instead it’s a series of exercises that readers can use whenever they feel their self-care needs an overhaul or boost,” Sile writes of the book on her website.

In the Future, Sile Wants to Continue Providing Clients With the Resources They Need

Seeking help doesn’t have to happen once the relationship is almost broken. In fact, the journey can begin before a relationship even starts, Sile said. Coaching can help people understand themselves better and learn how to attract the right person into their lives.

Sile recommends continuing with coaching and counseling throughout a relationship to experience the most success, and she said she benefits from her practice just as much as her clients.

“I love what I do, and I love the clients I work with,” she said. “If you’re struggling with managing yourself or managing interactions with others, whether that’s a partner, employee or customer, that’s where I offer the most value.”

Plenty of Sile’s clients agree, and the testimonials on her website speak to the results that she offers her clients. “When I started my coaching sessions with Sile, I was not in a great place.” said one client. “I was unhappy and out of tune with my personal life and work and felt that none of the pieces fit together anymore. I am so glad I took the step to work with Sile, and from the very beginning I felt comfortable and safe with her.”

Other testimonials praise Sile’s ability to pick up on nuances and use her intuition to get to the root of a problem. She wants to unearth and deal with those issues so her clients can be more successful in business, life, and love — which are all based on relationships.