I remember being dazzled by all the ‘client getting’ strategies and systems, funnels and formulas being touted to coaches and consultants when I was looking for answers to the burning question ‘How can I attract clients into my coaching business?’ We are bombarded with information and shiny offers that can quite literally drive any self-respecting coach to the bottom of a family sized tub of Ben and Jerrys’ (as an answer to overwhelm? Not recommended).

But, when you are not making money in your business and you are stuck on your next move (read: waking up scared witless at 3am), it’s easy to be swayed this way, and that, by impressive marketing.  You would be forgiven for getting swept up and excited by the success stories and the apparent ease with which you can achieve fast and fantastic results.  It certainly got me, more than once.

In those early days I invested in courses and programmes that I’d start off excited about but then, without knowing why, I’d fail to follow through on them or if I did do everything I was ‘supposed to do’ I still didn’t get the results. The outcome was increasingly frustrating as I dove deeper into debt and seemed no further forward.


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by Sanae Floyd (UK)